French bulldogs: 7 Important Considerations

French bulldogs are adorable and require your attention. They are intelligent and behave well, if you are taking proper care of them. The dog is witty and carries all the activities in a fun loving way.

There are 7 reasons mentioned below, which are quite considerable and will be helpful in keeping a French bulldog:

1) Indoor dogs: Unlike other breeds, frenchies are best for indoor living. They have a big body and flat faces due to which they can’t handle stresses too easily. These dogs require no walking or exercise like other dogs. Make sure that you give them appropriate comfort and keep them inside the house for a better health.

2) Pig appearance: When you look at bulldogs from side view, they appear like pigs. Frenchies are termed as pig dogs by some people. They have flat noses and produce snoring sound while sleeping.

3) No Sleep: French bulldogs never like to sleep and you will have to pamper them and treat them like babies to make them sleep. They will resist like small babies and require sooth touch as pampering source.

4) Swallowing toys: French bulldogs have big faces and they can swallow toys, which can be really harmful for their health.

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5) Can’t Swim: French bulldogs can’t swim. You’ll have to watch them when you are near pool, beach or deep water. There are special life jackets meant for taking the dogs in or near any water source.

6) Affection and Love: Frenchies are loved by most of the people for their cuteness and loving nature. They will understand your love for you and comprehend in an exciting way. This beautiful breed deserves all your love and will surely correspond to the affection you show to them.

7) Dance and music lovers: French bulldogs can give awesome dance moves and also respond to music in a positive way. They enjoy these kinds of activities and will love gatherings at home.…

Personality and Training of French bulldogs

Character & Traits

French bulldogs are best companions for human beings. These indoor dogs are well behaved with their owners and even other pets at home. French bulldogs have clown like appearance and love to get attention of other people. Even with their owners, they love to gather everyone in the family around and become center of attraction for everyone.Personality and Training of French bulldogs

Frenchies are indoor dogs who don’t need exercising or regular walk. They can’t bear stress and get respiratory issues. The dogs are awesome companions and love to play with their toys in their own way. When you are home, they will be happy to relax with you. This breed is well suitable for all sized families.

Requirements for Frenchie

French bulldogs do require walk, but it doesn’t have to be intense. They can maintain a good physique by playing a few games and maintaining good health. The size of the dogs is fit to be kept in indoor apartments and they can be happy in farms or big houses also. They don’t require too big house, but if it is there, there will not be any big issue about it. The owners require big hearts rather than huge houses.

Too much exercising is never good for these dogs. They can get respiratory issues and heatstroke, which ultimately keeps them in bad health.


French bullies can be trained well with your efforts. They require different activities at variable times because repetitive training sessions can ruin their interest and can be boring for them. Frenchies get mixed interests and require a lot of efforts from the trainers to show their activity outputs. You’ll have to keep them in discipline and punishing the dog might lead them to completely stop listening to you. French bulldogs can be given home training or professional training to make them do the required things. Patience and persistence is required to keep the French bulldogs active in their tasks.…

Appearance and behavior of French bulldogs


French bulldogs are medium sized dogs with bat like ears and flat nose. The head and nasal structure are flat, but it is relatively less horizontal than English bulldog. The skin is loose and wrinkled and the dogs have combination of fawn, white or dusty colors. The dogs have round eyes with straight tails. The face is square in shape with pear shaped outlook.

Weight and size

The standard Frenchie weights on average between 24-28 pounds and have the standing height of approximately 12 inches. The dogs weighing above 28 pounds are disqualified by AKC standards and it is essential for the owner to keep a check on the weight requirement of dog. French bullies should be in good health and appropriate weight to maintain appropriate standards of health.

Color and coating

French bulldogs have shining texture with smooth coating of colors on the body. The facial muscles are wrinkled and the colors include cream, white, fawn and brindle. The solid black colored dogs are also available, but the pure breeds are less in number. Frenchies have a cute appearance and they look amazing dogs from the physical structure. They are unique creatures with champion personality and soft nature.

Appearance and behavior of French bulldogs

Requirements for grooming

French bullies are easy to maintain and don’t require coat clipping. You can brush them weekly to prohibit the dead skin accumulation on the skin. It is essential to take care of the wrinkled skin and feet of these animals often and they require clipping of nails. There should be regular veterinary trips of the animals to make sure that the dog remains free from any kind of fusses related to health.

Brushing doggy’s teeth is essential to avoid any dental problems for them. It keeps their gums and teeth healthy and prevents any oral stink related troubles. You can clean the ears of dogs on regular basis with damp cloth. Baby oil on their ears and wrinkled facial muscles can avoid any kind of issues for their body.…

Ways to know that you’ve a Bulldog Owner

1. You do extensive research for diet of your dog

French bulldog owners usually make efforts to search for the perfect diet for their dogs to keep their digestive systems on the right track. You can make efforts to give the best diet to dogs, which keeps them healthy.

2. No worries about farting

French bulldogs have a habit to fart and it usually does the same. If you have owned this dog from a long time, it is sure that your reactions for farting will become minimal. It would be a matter of good luck to you, if these farts have no smell.

3. Burps alert you

Burps of dogs are funny, but Frenchies make odd kind of sound with burping. It is more of a clown activity and licking loud makes a different sound from their mouth. They don’t like you to clean their faces and when you do it, they might burp to keep you away.

Ways to know that you’ve a Bulldog Owner

4. You get excited to see Frenchie

Frenchies reserve a special corner for themselves in your heart and whenever you will see one; your heart will get pleased with joy. They are best friends of human beings and you will remember them for their cute face, gassy nature and pooch.

5. Pissed off reactions for people mistaking the French bullie as Boston Terrier, Pug or Pig

There are many people who misunderstand Frenchies as the other breeds and even pigs. The lovers of this breed will certainly feel awful at such reactions and shall correct others immediately if they say any wrong word about their pet.

6. Calling the dog Frenchie

The nickname of French bulldog is Frenchie and you may write it as Frency, Frenchi or any other spelling. Google any name to know about the pet and you will get all the details on your screen.…

Why to choose registered French bulldogs?

French bulldogs are available with registry and it is meant to give the owners 100% original breeds with known parents. There are many breeders selling healthy frenchies and they work hard to upload the best standards for their customers. These dogs are highly suitable for residential purposes and the behavior and temperament will be as expected for a Frenchie.

There are many reasons to choose the registered French bullies:

1. French bulldogs are great companions. They are smart dogs requiring less space and maintenance from the owner. A registered dog will be guaranteed with the pure quality.
2. These dogs are advisable for any kind of homes (small or big) and in any type of family (again, single or joint).
3. The dogs are lovable and don’t get hyper, until they are not given proper food or ill treated. Registered dogs are given maintenance and vaccination till they are with breeders. Once they are handed over to the new parents, they are being given full details about the dogs and their schedules.Why to choose registered French bulldogs
4. Frenchies go well with other animals or members of the family.
5. French bulldogs are neither too big nor too small for keeping as domestic animals. The weight of adult is about 25 pounds, which is not too much for a pet.
6. These dogs are clowns with funny faces and expressions. They can make you smile anytime.
7. French bullies are adorable and fit almost every lifestyle. They can go for daily walk, but can’t exercise or get over exerted. This kind of thing can ruin their health.
8. The health problems with French Bulldogs are far lesser in comparison to their ancestors; The English Bulldogs. They are healthy and don’t get major health concerns, apart from getting skin allergies, respiratory troubles and digestive troubles. Other health problems might arise, but they might be due to critical problems in the body.…