Appearance and behavior of French bulldogs


French bulldogs are medium sized dogs with bat like ears and flat nose. The head and nasal structure are flat, but it is relatively less horizontal than English bulldog. The skin is loose and wrinkled and the dogs have combination of fawn, white or dusty colors. The dogs have round eyes with straight tails. The face is square in shape with pear shaped outlook.

Weight and size

The standard Frenchie weights on average between 24-28 pounds and have the standing height of approximately 12 inches. The dogs weighing above 28 pounds are disqualified by AKC standards and it is essential for the owner to keep a check on the weight requirement of dog. French bullies should be in good health and appropriate weight to maintain appropriate standards of health.

Color and coating

French bulldogs have shining texture with smooth coating of colors on the body. The facial muscles are wrinkled and the colors include cream, white, fawn and brindle. The solid black colored dogs are also available, but the pure breeds are less in number. Frenchies have a cute appearance and they look amazing dogs from the physical structure. They are unique creatures with champion personality and soft nature.

Appearance and behavior of French bulldogs

Requirements for grooming

French bullies are easy to maintain and don’t require coat clipping. You can brush them weekly to prohibit the dead skin accumulation on the skin. It is essential to take care of the wrinkled skin and feet of these animals often and they require clipping of nails. There should be regular veterinary trips of the animals to make sure that the dog remains free from any kind of fusses related to health.

Brushing doggy’s teeth is essential to avoid any dental problems for them. It keeps their gums and teeth healthy and prevents any oral stink related troubles. You can clean the ears of dogs on regular basis with damp cloth. Baby oil on their ears and wrinkled facial muscles can avoid any kind of issues for their body.


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