French bulldogs: 7 Important Considerations

French bulldogs are adorable and require your attention. They are intelligent and behave well, if you are taking proper care of them. The dog is witty and carries all the activities in a fun loving way.

There are 7 reasons mentioned below, which are quite considerable and will be helpful in keeping a French bulldog:

1) Indoor dogs: Unlike other breeds, frenchies are best for indoor living. They have a big body and flat faces due to which they can’t handle stresses too easily. These dogs require no walking or exercise like other dogs. Make sure that you give them appropriate comfort and keep them inside the house for a better health.

2) Pig appearance: When you look at bulldogs from side view, they appear like pigs. Frenchies are termed as pig dogs by some people. They have flat noses and produce snoring sound while sleeping.

3) No Sleep: French bulldogs never like to sleep and you will have to pamper them and treat them like babies to make them sleep. They will resist like small babies and require sooth touch as pampering source.

4) Swallowing toys: French bulldogs have big faces and they can swallow toys, which can be really harmful for their health.

BC1E75 Beige pug standing up in front of the camera 2 years old in front of a white background

5) Can’t Swim: French bulldogs can’t swim. You’ll have to watch them when you are near pool, beach or deep water. There are special life jackets meant for taking the dogs in or near any water source.

6) Affection and Love: Frenchies are loved by most of the people for their cuteness and loving nature. They will understand your love for you and comprehend in an exciting way. This beautiful breed deserves all your love and will surely correspond to the affection you show to them.

7) Dance and music lovers: French bulldogs can give awesome dance moves and also respond to music in a positive way. They enjoy these kinds of activities and will love gatherings at home.


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