Personality and Training of French bulldogs

Character & Traits

French bulldogs are best companions for human beings. These indoor dogs are well behaved with their owners and even other pets at home. French bulldogs have clown like appearance and love to get attention of other people. Even with their owners, they love to gather everyone in the family around and become center of attraction for everyone.Personality and Training of French bulldogs

Frenchies are indoor dogs who don’t need exercising or regular walk. They can’t bear stress and get respiratory issues. The dogs are awesome companions and love to play with their toys in their own way. When you are home, they will be happy to relax with you. This breed is well suitable for all sized families.

Requirements for Frenchie

French bulldogs do require walk, but it doesn’t have to be intense. They can maintain a good physique by playing a few games and maintaining good health. The size of the dogs is fit to be kept in indoor apartments and they can be happy in farms or big houses also. They don’t require too big house, but if it is there, there will not be any big issue about it. The owners require big hearts rather than huge houses.

Too much exercising is never good for these dogs. They can get respiratory issues and heatstroke, which ultimately keeps them in bad health.


French bullies can be trained well with your efforts. They require different activities at variable times because repetitive training sessions can ruin their interest and can be boring for them. Frenchies get mixed interests and require a lot of efforts from the trainers to show their activity outputs. You’ll have to keep them in discipline and punishing the dog might lead them to completely stop listening to you. French bulldogs can be given home training or professional training to make them do the required things. Patience and persistence is required to keep the French bulldogs active in their tasks.


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