Ways to know that you’ve a Bulldog Owner

1. You do extensive research for diet of your dog

French bulldog owners usually make efforts to search for the perfect diet for their dogs to keep their digestive systems on the right track. You can make efforts to give the best diet to dogs, which keeps them healthy.

2. No worries about farting

French bulldogs have a habit to fart and it usually does the same. If you have owned this dog from a long time, it is sure that your reactions for farting will become minimal. It would be a matter of good luck to you, if these farts have no smell.

3. Burps alert you

Burps of dogs are funny, but Frenchies make odd kind of sound with burping. It is more of a clown activity and licking loud makes a different sound from their mouth. They don’t like you to clean their faces and when you do it, they might burp to keep you away.

Ways to know that you’ve a Bulldog Owner

4. You get excited to see Frenchie

Frenchies reserve a special corner for themselves in your heart and whenever you will see one; your heart will get pleased with joy. They are best friends of human beings and you will remember them for their cute face, gassy nature and pooch.

5. Pissed off reactions for people mistaking the French bullie as Boston Terrier, Pug or Pig

There are many people who misunderstand Frenchies as the other breeds and even pigs. The lovers of this breed will certainly feel awful at such reactions and shall correct others immediately if they say any wrong word about their pet.

6. Calling the dog Frenchie

The nickname of French bulldog is Frenchie and you may write it as Frency, Frenchi or any other spelling. Google any name to know about the pet and you will get all the details on your screen.


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